Saturday, May 2, 2015

Star Wars Celebration Anaheim - The Place to Be

If you're a fan of Star Wars then this was the place to be.

May 2, 2015
by Kyung Kim

Star Wars Celebration 2015 took place in Anaheim, Ca this year and it was amazing. Walking up to the convention center was enough to make any Star Wars fan jump around with excitement. From the many cosplayer to the big groups of Stormtroopers, it was never a dull moment outside the Halls. We even got to see the fully suited up new Stormtroopers from The Force Awakens which was awesome. Now heading into the main hall was a completely different adventure. The floor was packed with fans and cosplayers. The massive displays were on point and were unbelievable. You could get a picture with the new speeder bike and even get to act like you're in the millennium falcon.

Roxy, the 700 lb 17 foot long Rancor was definitely a main attraction. The line stretched around her as people waited to get a picture. On the other side of the Hall stood a giant AT-AT which may not have been to scale but still a very impressive replica. For the tattoo enthusiasts there was even a place for you to get some wicked Star Wars ink from some of the best artists. Even if you aren't planning to get ink but like to watch it was an interesting addition to Celebration. Even small kids had tons of things to do to keep them busy for hours. The Lego area was pretty awesome with some life size characters standing guard including the baddest bounty hunter in the galaxy Boba Fett. You could even get a picture with a huge scale Tie Fighter.

The main attraction for the young padawans had to be The Jedi Academy Training. So awesome that they had this there. Kids love to be apart of the show and this was the perfect place to do it. Now to talk about the autograph area. There were so many stars from the saga and not just the original trilogy. It was very organized and the stars were great. One in particular that I got a chance to meet was Jeremy Bulloch who even though was sold out continued to sign until the very last second before the lights when out. Very cool guy and a true gent. The overall experience was one that I will never forget and for the thousands of fans that showed up i'm sure its something they will never forget either.

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