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Star Wars Celebration VII Anaheim - Jean BookNerd Review

Star Wars Celebration VII Anaheim
April 16-19, 2015
Anaheim, CA
Anaheim Convention Center

May 2, 2015
by James Vallesteros

The upcoming installment in the Star Wars cinematic saga is titled “The Force Awakens” and it certainly was an awaking during Star Wars Celebration VII Anaheim (SWCA). For four days, fans from around the world trekked down to Southern California for a four-day extravaganza of all things Star Wars.

It has been 10 years since the last Star Wars film was released in theaters. However, the power and passion of the fans of this saga did not vanish. In fact, it never even thought about going dormant until the next movie (even if there wasn’t). The love of Star Wars is simply something unique that not a lot of fandoms can relate to.

There are your comic conventions where all fandoms can rejoice in a singular place to celebrate these unique universes (including Star Wars). It draws thousands of fans weekly at these events. If you single out a fandom to carry out their own convention, the attendance would only be a fraction. However, SWCA has proven that a single universe is just as powerful as a collective group of universes, due in part through the passion of the fans and the creative direction of Disney who have recently purchased the Star Wars Franchise from creator George Lucas. 

The Opening Day of SWCA was filled with excitement and high anticipation for the second teaser trailer of The Force Awakens (Opening December 17, 2015). Hundreds of fans lined up the night before to take part in history for the J.J. Abrams panel. The panel showcased the characters that will be in TFA. The next generation Stormtroopers hit the stage and were greeted with cheers from the thrilled audience. The trailer was received with many cheers, awwws, and tears. It is an exciting time to be part of something fun and thrilling. To see grown men cry at the sight of Han Solo telling Chewbacca, “Chewie, we’re home”, was a moment that will forever resonate. 

MiniBobaFett meets two generations of Boba, 
Daniel Logan (Attack of the Clones) and Jeremy Bulloch (Return of the Jedi)

The exhibit floor was decorated with unique vendors, life-size dioramas, and attendees in costumes of their favorite heroes/villains from the Star Wars Universe. Stepping inside was definitely a sight to absorb in fully. To see Stormtroopers, Darth Vaders, Boba and Jango Fetts, Ewoks and all the characters to be walking around was just part of the unique experience that an event like this can hold. Cosplayers/costumers are a part of the show just as any convention, however, to see all of them dressed from a single universe, it was like being in the movie. Add in the Cantina diorama, you can literally step in and feel like you were having a drink with a Stormtrooper or Twi’lek in the hot desolate planet of Tatooine. Everywhere you look, there was always a moment to bring out the camera to capture the scene.

The Anaheim Convention Center was the perfect destination to hold such a fierce gathering of people. The venue fully accommodated the fans, vendors, and the actors. There was never a moment that it felt overcrowded as it can sometimes ruin an experience. The main Halls of the convention and how booths were setup allowed for foot traffic to move along smoothly. Vendors were easily marked in maps and easy to find on the floor. The food inside the convention offered many options as well as the food trucks outside. The staff on the floor was knowledgeable of the daily events and where they were being held. With our experience, Anaheim is a perfect nomination for the next U.S. Celebration.

Star Wars is a genre that has been with us since 1977. There have been huge gaps between each of the trilogies but the passion that it has ignited in the 70’s is just as strong, if not stronger, today. It has been part of our lives for nearly four decades. Fans have grown and so have their love for Star Wars. The purchase of Star Wars by Disney has allowed the franchise to rejuvenate that love and spark more for younger fans. Star Wars is a lifestyle and it is definitely here to stay. #StarWarsLove

The next Star Wars Celebration will be in Europe at London's ExCel Center on July 15-17, 2016. Tickets are now available at

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