Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Wizard World Sacramento 2015 Review

Wizard World Sacramento
June 19-21, 2015
Sacramento, CA
Sacramento Convention Center 

By Kyung Kim
July 1, 2015

Twenty six years have gone by with nothing to hold on to, until I stepped foot into Wizard World Comic Con Sacramento.

On my way down to the convention hall, I met some very friendly people who were also on their way to the convention hall. We walked together while sharing many similar interests for anime, comic books, and cosplay. We arrived at the convention center and the group I was with parted, but I think it is safe to say that I made some new friends. I opened the glass door and walked in to a place filled with energy and excitment. The amount of people that was inside the building boggled my mind. I wanted to take pictures of everyone!

As I walked around snapping pictures, I stumbled upon the entrance for the dealer hall. It was lilke a whole new world in there filled with art, props, music and much more. If you have never been to a comic convention, it is basically an esemble of very talented people coming together to showcase their art. It was entertainment every where you go. Wizard World is known to gather the most talented in the industry, whether it be television, movies, artists, or authors, they know how to pick them and provide an experience like no other.

Mad Max: Fury Road Cosplayers

The costume contest was my personal favorite. As a cosplayer myself, it was very awe-aspiring to see everyone's creativity. To showcase it in front of a packed auditorium is another aspect that I find appreciating. It was great to be able to see other individuals' passion.

The winners of the Costume Contest

The Sacramento stop was my first Wizard World. Luckily I don't have to wait too long as the next Wizard World adventure in my neck of the woods will happen on Labor Day weekend in San Jose, CA. They have already created an awesome esemble of special guests. Tickets are now available at I will be there and I know you will be, too!

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