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Vlog Post with D.J. MacHale

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D.J. MacHale is a writer, director, executive producer and creator of several popular television series and movies. As an author, his ten-volume book series: Pendragon: Journal of an Adventure Through Time and Space became a New York Times #1 bestseller.

He was raised in Greenwich, CT where he had several jobs including collecting eggs at a poultry farm; engraving trophies and washing dishes in a steakhouse…in between playing football and running track. D.J. graduated from New York University where he received a BFA in film production.

His film-making career began in New York where he worked as a freelance writer/director making corporate videos and television commercials.

D.J. broke into the entertainment business by writing several ABC Afterschool Specials. As co-creator of the popular Nickelodeon series: Are You Afraid of the Dark?, he produced all 91 episodes. D.J. also wrote and directed the movie Tower of Terror for ABC’s Wonderful World of Disney. The Showtime series Chris Cross was co-created, written and produced by D.J. It received the CableAce award for Best Youth Series.

D.J. created and produced the Discovery Kids/NBC television series Flight 29 Down. He wrote every episode and directed several. His work on Flight 29 Down earned him the Writers Guild of America award for Outstanding Children’s Script and a Directors Guild of America award nomination.

Other notable television writing credits include the ABC Afterschool Special titled Seasonal Differences; the pilot for the long-running PBS/CBS series Ghostwriter; and the HBO series Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective for which he received a CableAce nomination for writing.

In print, D.J. also authored the supernatural Morpheus Road trilogy; a whimsical picture book The Monster Princess; and The SYLO Chronicles, a thrilling sci-fi trilogy. He also wrote Voyagers: Project Alpha, the first of a six book science fiction adventure.

D.J.’s newest book series is The Library, a spooky middle-grade anthology about a mysterious library filled with unfinished supernatural tales, and the daring young people who must complete them.

D.J. lives in Southern California with his wife Evangeline and daughter Keaton. They are avid backpackers, scuba divers and skiers. Rounding out the household is a spoiled golden retriever named Casey and an equally spoiled tuxedo cat named Jinx.

Published by Random House Books for Young Readers
Sep 06, 2016 | 256 Pages | 5-1/2 x 8-1/4 | 

Middle Grade (8-12)| 
ISBN 9781101932537


“I’m not sure anyone does suspense quite like D. J. MacHale.” —James Dashner, New York Times bestselling author of the Maze Runner series

“MacHale deftly pulls readers into this page-turning adventure . . .defying them to put it down.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Readers who love action and adventure, lightened with a bit of humor, will look forward to meeting Marcus, Lu, and Theo again.” —Shelf Awareness

1) “I ran out of time. It was either eat breakfast or tie my shoes.”

2) There’s no logical reason why strange doings begin when the day changes, but that’s often how it goes.

3) The bull let out a chilling howl. I had no idea bulls could howl. I was sure I could feel its hot breath on my neck. No way I could outrun this monster. In seconds I’d be trampled. Or gored. Or trampled and then gored.

4) I got to my knees, my eyes focused on the dangling key that swung in front of my face, hypnotically. I reached out to grab it but when I closed my fingers around the key my hand passed through it as if it was nothing more than a projection. A shadow. An illusion. A ghost.

5) Dad stared at his soda can for a good long time. I think he was trying to come up with the right words. Or maybe he was just wishing he had cracked open a Sprite instead of a Pepsi.

6) We were like three different pieces of a very odd puzzle. Between Theo being a black guy who looked like he should be rubbing elbows at a yacht club; Lu’s Asian roller derby-girl look with black tights, plaid shirts and bold make-up; and me being a white guy who wore the same jeans and t-shirts every day until they were so stiff they could stand up in the corner, we looked like the cast of some kid’s show trying to cover all of its ethnic bases. We could hit for the cycle if we had a Hispanic friend. Or maybe a Tongan.

7) I couldn’t take my eyes off her, mostly because she was so out of place. I wondered what she was doing there. Maybe she was going to a museum. Or maybe she worked at a museum, probably as one of the exhibits. I kept staring at her until she suddenly raised her eyes and stared right back at me. Whoa! It was like she knew I was watching. I didn’t look away at first. I couldn’t. Her gaze had me transfixed. She stared right into my eyes, and smiled. It wasn’t a warm, grandmotherly expression either. She had a twisted grimace that said: “I know you’ve been looking at me, sonny-boy.”

8) I cautiously raised the key toward the door again. The burn mark returned, growing from a center point until it became a solid, perfect circle about an inch across. I kept moving the key closer until it almost touched the center of the mark. The “burn” continued to change. It looked like the wood had turned molten. But wood didn’t melt. Wood burned. Right? Not this wood. The dark circle seemed to go liquid and continued to move and swirl until it formed a hole. A keyhole. The burn mark had transformed into a perfect keyhole with a fancy circular brass plate around it.

9) “Follow this, lad. There are forces at work in this world we know little about. Situations come up all the time that defy the normal rules of science and nature. Strange things. Oddities. Unexplainable phenomenon. The people whose stories are in these books have found themselves in situations like that. Sound familiar?”

10) Boom! Boom! Boom! The doors on either side of the hallway blew off their hinges as if powerful explosions had erupted in each room. Theo was hit by one of the careening doors and knocked against the far wall. I was so stunned I couldn’t move. What was happening? Before I could get my wits back, heavy vine-like tendrils reached out from each room, snaking into the hallway like monster pythons. They were thick, bark and leaf covered roots that had a mind of their own as they reached into the hall, python-like, seeking their prey. Theo.

Use the Paradox Key to enter a mysterious library that exists between dimensions; a place where restless spirits go to write their incredible tales. Its shelves are stacked with countless volumes of unfinished stories about those who found themselves in unexplainable and frightening situations. Some stories occurred in the past while others are unfolding now. Today. These supernatural mysteries must be solved and completed in order to help spirits from the past rest in peace; or save someone in the present from a horrible fate.

The mission of the living agents of the Library is to complete these extraordinary stories. Each book in the series will follow a different tale of strange doings as the young agents enter impossible worlds where ghosts, witches, vampires and supernatural oddities become all too real.

It’s about finishing the books, before the books finish them.

Enter the Library, where no one knows how the stories end . . . and finding out will be terrifying.

There’s a place beyond this world, beyond the land of the living, where ghosts go to write their unfinished stories—stories that ended too soon. It’s a place for unexplained phenomena: mysteries that have never been solved, spirits that have never been laid to rest. And there’s only one way in or out.

It’s called the Library, and you can get there with a special key. But beware! Don’t start a story you can’t finish. Because in thislibrary, the stories you can’t finish just might finish you.

Marcus O’Mara is a 13 year old guy at a crossroads. He constantly finds himself in trouble at school, with his friends, and with his adoptive parents. Marcus doesn’t believe things can get any worse for him…until they get worse.

Much worse.

He begins seeing strange and impossible visions; gets thrown into paranormal danger and is haunted by a mysterious ghost with a singular goal: to give him a key.

It’s a key that opens the door to a mysterious library. When that door opens, the incredible adventure for Marcus and his friends begins as they learn the truth about Marcus’ past and uncover the strange world of unfinished stories that are found on the shelves of the Library.

You can purchase Curse of the Boggin (The Library #1) at the following Retailers:

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