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Vlog Post with Sierra Kincade

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Sierra Kincade lives in the Midwest with her husband and son. When she’s not writing naughty books, she loves eating chocolate cupcakes, binge-watching cable series, and singing loudly in the car. She wholeheartedly believes that love stories are real, and you should never choose a partner who doesn’t make you laugh.

A few of Sierra’s favorite things:

Bad boys with dirty mouths – English Breakfast tea with two packets of Sugar in the Raw – any movie or show with a choreographed dance routine – cinnamon toast – kids who say funny things – friends who raid her pantry without asking – bootleg jeans – making lists – old Garth Brooks songs – and of course, massages.


Publisher: InterMix (October 18, 2016)
Publication Date: October 18, 2016
Sold by: Penguin Group (USA) LLC
Language: English

Praise for FORSAKEN

“Kincade delivers.” —Beth Kery, New York Times bestselling author of the Because You Are Mine series

“A taut, erotic thriller.” —Library Journal (starred review)

“Full of pleasant surprises.” —Publishers Weekly

1. A smart, tough heroine with something to hide
2. A hot guy with a huge (wink, wink) secret
3. A mobster father who’s about to make some big mistakes
4. Man buns. Biceps. Six-pack abs. 
5. Rope…that’s used on both parties
6. Smoking hot bedroom scenes. (Also up-against-a-door scenes)
7. The kind of friends who’d risk their lives for you
8. Chess Pie
9. Love that conquers all 

Thanks for checking out FORSAKEN! I hope you love it!

She should have pulled away. She meant to pull away. But she didn’t.

Her thoughts were dragging through water, too slow to catch up to the burst of nerves, high in her chest, and the gentle glide of his fingertips down her cheek. She held perfectly still, soaking in the shimmer of warmth left by his hand, wishing she had a shield to protect herself from it so that she could remain unaffected, and in control. She wasn’t afraid of being touched, but she strayed from it all the same. It reminded her of everything she couldn’t have—kindness, and softness. Things she secretly longed for. Things that now terrified her.

“One kiss,” he said against her lips. “That’s all.”

One kiss. It wasn’t like they hadn’t kissed before, but this was different. With her cheek cradled in his hand, the power between them had shifted. She was just as acutely aware of it as she was of his lips, barely skimming hers, and the stubble on his chin as it brushed against the bottom of her jaw. Her body was caught between two magnets, leaning into him just as she pulled away. Her hands hung empty at her sides. Short little gasps stole her breath, the growing ache inside her at war with the resistance in her mind.

It felt wrong to want this. Want him.

“Trust me to stop,” he murmured.

She was desperate to believe him.

Through the haze, it occurred to her that he might have needed this. A demonstration of her trust, just as she needed proof of his. He wasn’t telling her everything, that much she was sure of, but she hadn’t told him the whole truth either. Accepting this transformed something inside of her, shifted the strength back into her corner. This was part of the game, part of her survival. Her arms lifted, hands flattening on his hard chest. Her eyes squeezed closed. This was her choice, assuring her safety.

It was just a kiss. It didn’t mean anything.

Tilting her chin up, she kissed him.

The change in him was immediate, and surprising, and recognizing it eased something inside her. His shoulders rounded, and his brows drew together, almost as if he were in pain. He stepped closer, just enough that she could feel how warm he was without crowding her. The island was at her back; he easily could have pressed her against it the way he had against the door, but he didn’t.

Instead, she moved closer to him.

The kiss warmed, her mouth opening, prompted by the gentle pressure of his tongue. It was a slow journey, a careful promise that whispered over and over the words he had spoken. Trust me.

But doubt was a physical thing inside of her, and it trembled from her core, weakening her knees, working down her arms. A reminder not to give too much, not to ever let go. When her hands clenched in his shirt, he didn’t stop, but instead took them in his own, rubbing the tension away with his thumbs. It was frightening how comforting that single gesture was, and even more terrifying when her breath hitched, and she leaned in even closer.

He kissed her like he had been made to do nothing else. Like it was the first time, and the only time, and the last time. Like nothing existed beyond the circle of his arms, and the glide of his tongue, and the taste of his mouth. Like he already knew every intimate secret of her body. Like he knew just what she needed.

She could feel the stretch inside her, the pulling of a hundred strings, nearing the point of snapping. But before she could think of what that meant, he drew back, bringing her knuckles to his lips.

Her breath came in a hard whoosh, and she fell back on her heels, not even realizing she’d risen to her tiptoes. She blinked up at him, desperate to find him just as unraveled as she, and comforted by the ragged breaths that lifted his shoulders.

He’d stopped. He could have continued—she’d wanted him to keep going, to touch her like he had earlier—but he’d told her she could trust him to stop and he had.

She wasn’t sure what to think about that.

“Okay?” he asked, voice husky.

He was still holding her hands.

She nodded.

His job is to find her, not to fall for her…

Marsella Talent has been on the run for two years, ever since her father thrust a ledger into her hands and told her to run from the police swarming their family restaurant. Now, with the cops and her father’s men desperate to get their hands on the book, she knows she can never go home.

Jake never thought he’d see Marsella again, not after he helped her escape the night of the sting operation targeting her father, August Talent. So when he stumbles upon a mysterious woman named Cassie, the spitting image of Marsella, he knows he has to gain her trust to finally make up for the mistake he made years ago.

Only the closer he gets to her, the more irresistible he finds her. And soon he realizes he’ll have to make a choice—prove his loyalty by getting back the ledger, or save the woman that he’s growing to love…

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