Sunday, August 6, 2017

Signed Book Sunday: Entice by Jessica Shirvington

Signed Book Sunday is Meme run by JeanBookNerd.


We are all in this community because of our common interest in reading. The books and stories have become somewhat a piece of us. Whether it be the meaning behind the stories or it has become associated to a period of a time in our lives, books have become more than just entertainment for our imagination.

Books are our gems and they become more of a treasure when they are signed by the author. Now that book has become more personal. It provides valued stories as to when the author signed it and the conversation that was engaged during the signing. These moments are unique and were only experienced by you. Having our favorite books signed is a testament to our love for reading.

Signed Book Sunday will be an outlet for us to showcase books that we have collected over the years with that once special scribble claiming that it was touched by the author. Everyone is welcome to join in on the fun. 

Show your signed books to others and see what others have collected through the years.

To participate, use the Signed Book Sunday Button (Above) and link back to JEANBOOKNERD with photos of your treasured Signed Books, Comics or Graphic Novels. You may provide details of your one of a kind experience or perhaps a moment that made a lasting impression. Share your Signed Book Books now and learn story behind other's signed books.

Every day Violet Eden wonders whether she made the right choice.

She still doesn't fully understand the powers she's been granted as a half-angel Grigori. And worse, isn't even sure she's capable of using them. Stab someone through the heart? Really?

No matter how bad things get, though, Voilet doesn't run and she doesn't quit. Even if it means she can never allow herself to love the guy she longs for. Even if it means asking her enemy for help. Even if no one is telling her the truth.

The war between Exiles and Angels is on - and she's wanted by both sides.

Praise for THE EMBRACE Series

“Strong, compelling and wonderfully flawed, Violet is the kind of heroine that will keep readers enthralled and rooting for her until the final page is turned.” —Kirkus Reviews for Entice

“Addictive...add to your must-read list.” —Entertainment Weekly’s Shelf Life

“Jessica Shrivington sets up a delicious romantic triangle.” —USA Today

“Shirvington has a terrific story to tell.” —The Los Angeles Times

“Get ready for a confident, kick-butt, well-defined heroine.” —RT Book Reviews

You can purchase Entice at the following Retailers:

Photo Content from Jessica Shirvington

Jessica Shirvington is the author of THE VIOLET EDEN CHAPTERS also known as THE EMBRACE SERIES, stand alone novel, BETWEEN THE LIVES and has an exciting new duology called DISRUPTION on the way in 2014.

An entrepreneur, author, and mother living in Sydney, Australia, Jessica is also a 2011 & 2012 finalist for Cosmopolitan’s annual Fun, Fearless Female Award. She’s also one of the lucky few who met the love of her life at age seventeen: Matt Shirvington, a former Olympian and current sports broadcaster for Foxtel and Fox Sports. Married for twleve years with two beautiful daughters, Sienna and Winter, Jessica knows her early age romance and its longevity has definitely contributed to how she tackles relationships in her YA novels. 



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