Sunday, September 30, 2018

Signed Book Sunday: Shadow on the Crown by Patricia Bracewell

Signed Book Sunday is Meme run by JeanBookNerd.

We are all in this community because of our common interest in reading. The books and stories have become somewhat a piece of us. Whether it be the meaning behind the stories or it has become associated to a period of a time in our lives, books have become more than just entertainment for our imagination.

Books are our gems and they become more of a treasure when they are signed by the author. Now that book has become more personal. It provides valued stories as to when the author signed it and the conversation that was engaged during the signing. These moments are unique and were only experienced by you. Having our favorite books signed is a testament to our love for reading.

Signed Book Sunday will be an outlet for us to showcase books that we have collected over the years with that once special scribble claiming that it was touched by the author. Everyone is welcome to join in on the fun. 

Show your signed books to others and see what others have collected through the years.

To participate, use the Signed Book Sunday Button (Above) and link back to JEANBOOKNERD with photos of your treasured Signed Books, Comics or Graphic Novels. You may provide details of your one of a kind experience or perhaps a moment that made a lasting impression. Share your Signed Book Books now and learn story behind other's signed books.

A rich tale of power and forbidden love revolving around a young medieval queen In 1002, fifteen--year-old Emma of Normandy crosses the Narrow Sea to wed the much older King Athelred of England, whom she meets for the first time at the church door. Thrust into an unfamiliar and treacherous court, with a husband who mistrusts her, stepsons who resent her and a bewitching rival who covets her crown, Emma must defend herself against her enemies and secure her status as queen by bearing a son. 

Determined to outmaneuver her adversaries, Emma forges alliances with influential men at court and wins the affection of the English people. But her growing love for a man who is not her husband and the imminent threat of a Viking invasion jeopardize both her crown and her life.
Based on real events recorded in the "Anglo-Saxon Chronicle," "Shadow on the Crown" introduces readers to a fascinating, overlooked period of history and an unforgettable heroine whose quest to find her place in the world will resonate with modern readers.


“Using the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle as her marker, Patricia Bracewell has produced a magnificent work of historical fiction, evoking time and place in a remarkable way, and engaging the reader firmly in her story.” The Daily Mail (UK)

“Author Patricia Bracewell’s words have a life of their own in ‘Shadow on the Crown,’ making for a stunning, well-researched, historical fiction debut” The Desert News

“Bracewell delivers a highly entertaining addition to the historical fiction genre.” Publisher’s Weekly

“The familiar themes of political rivalry, court scandal, and disputed lineage so often explored in historical fiction get a new cast of schemers and scoundrels set in a less familiar but no less dramatic period of English history. Readers of historical sagas and romances will embrace this rich narrative.” Library Journal

“Bracewell’s portrayal of Emma… is a real tour de force. A five star debut!” Historical Novel Society Magazine

“What a great book! A fascinating, little-known period of history, a tense, exciting story, and characters who spring as naturally from their own time as mushrooms from the forest floor.” Diana Gabaldon, author of the Outlander series

“Who could have known that the court of Aethelred the Unready was as full of intrigue, passion, and danger as anything in Tudor times? A well-wrought journey back to those little known times, this novel entertains while it educates.” Margaret George, author of Elizabeth I: A Novel

“A stellar achievement.” Adrienne McDonnell, author of The Doctor and The Diva

“A woman whose spirit will not be vanquished, Emma of Normandy will live in your heart long after you finish the last page.” Ella March Chase, author of Three Maids for a Crown

“From the moment I picked up the book it captivated me, calling me back and back again until I abandoned everything to finish it in a breathless rush. Brava!” Emma Campion, author of The King’s Mistress

“Shadow on the Crown drew me in from the first page and held me in its grip… a vivid and compelling tale.” Gillian Bagwell, author of The September Queen

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Photo Content from Patricia Bracewell

Patricia Bracewell grew up in California, where she taught literature and composition before embarking upon her writing career. She holds an MA in English literature, and her historical research has taken her to Britain, France, and Denmark. She has two grown sons, and she lives with her husband in Oakland, California.



  1. The incident that changed the way I think forever was when I bought the last copy of a devotional at an independent bookstore.

  2. I cannot think of an incident that changed the way I think forever. I'm pretty open minded and usually easy going.

  3. "Which incident in your life that totally changed the way you think today?" Oh, all of those scarring childhood incidents!