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|Podcast| Rooted - Sean Addo

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Sean Addo is a Ghanaian-American writer/director that tells bold and distinct genre stories about identity that draw power from African heritage. As a young boy growing up in the queen city, Sean wrangled his friends to make movies and obsessed over animation until attending the University of Cincinnati for Digital Design. Immediately after completing his MFA at USC, Sean filmed his first feature as a DP then went on to shadow the Late John Singleton on FX Snowfall. Later he would be inspired to perfect his craft as a writer/director filming different projects worldwide. As an original storyteller, Sean believes that there are far too many unique voices to spend all our efforts on big-budget reboots. There's universality in the specificity, and every story has its place on the big screen. Notable awards: The Homesick (feature screenplay) - 2020 Blackhouse Producers Lab, Panavision New Filmmakers 2020, Facebook SEEN Filmmakers 2021, Screen Craft Finalist 2020, Vanishing Angle Finalist 2021.

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Who are we? Do our answers lie within our chromosomes? I believe DNA is just the beginning. With the explosion of genealogy testing, we have begun to answer one of the most long-standing questions of humankind accurately. We can trace our roots, heritage, language, and everything that existed before us as individuals. Rather than our chromosomes being the final answer to our story, our linked DNA served as the foundation of who we are. So what happens next?

With Rooted, I wanted to explore the psychological side of DNA testing. While some may be apprehensive about taking the test, others can be afraid of facing the part of themselves they don’t know. What happens when you find out that everything you thought you knew about yourself, culture, history, and ethnicity was all wrong? Do you disregard the facts or accept an identity entirely foreign to you. What about cultural Barries like language, location, and acceptance? As popular as genealogy testing is today, the process of self-discovery can be a frightening thought. The results can be world-shifting, complicated, and at the same time incredibly, meaningful. Facing these fears is where our stories begin. Our roots are the organ of our identities.

Things take an unexpected turn when a young man's unusual DNA results are accompanied by a mysterious mask allowing him to see into the slave dungeon of his African ancestors.

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