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SDCC: Mass Effect: Paragon Lost - Joshua Mosley Interview

Photo Content from Joshua R. Mosley

Joshua R. Mosley is an award winning composer & producer for film, television, video games and recording artists. His work can be heard on high profile projects for clients such as 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures, Marvel, Paramount Pictures, Amazon, DreamWorks, Universal, Overbrook Entertainment, Electronic Arts, Mattel, Activision, FUNimation, National Geographic, and Microsoft.

Joshua was born on May 18th, 1980 in Tarzana, California. Mosley stems from a distinguished background of musicians. His Grandfather, Robert Douglass, was a professional bassist and arranger who worked with such a-list stars as, Tony Bennett, Lou Armstrong, and Peggy Lee. His band, the Chuck Miller trio signed to Mercury Records in the 50s and had a hit single “The House of Blue Lights”. His Mother, Cynthia Mosley, daughter of Robert Douglass is a jazz vocalist and performs around the SoCal. From a very young age Joshua was always surround by great musical influences. Mosley played piano and trumpet through his child and adolescent years, but it wasn’t until after he graduated from high school that he knew he was destined for a career in music.

Mosley began to compose songs at the age of 18. His ambition and talent caught the eye of a talent manager in 1999. This provided and opportunity to write a demo song for Jessica Sands (Daughter of Tommy Sands); In October 2000 Joshua started his professional career with Soundrama. During his time there he made many contributions in the industry and built a solid reputation for himself.

In 2001 Joshua had the good fortune to meet award winning film composer, Hummie Mann. He studied under Hummie at The Pacific Northwest Film Scoring program. Joshua went on to work for Hummie as an arranger on two television projects.

In December 2004 Joshua ventured out from Soundrama and founded Selah Productions LLC. Joshua has continued to work on many more major film, television and video game projects. He has been honored with 7 Telly Awards, an Aurora Award and Apex Award. Joshua Mosley is a person who prides himself in integrity in all areas of his life. He currently resides in the Temecula, California. He lives with his wife Reanne, daughter Madison and sons Tristan and Kayden.

Mass Effect: Paragon Lost is an animated feature film set in the Mass Effect science fiction universe during the events of Mass Effect 2. It is produced by BioWare, FUNimation, T.O Entertainment and animated by Production I.G. The film was screened in select theaters on November 29, 2012. It was released for digital download on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network on December 14, 2012, and on DVD and Blu-ray on December 28, 2012.

In 2183, the human colony of Fehl Prime, a major producer of pharmaceuticals for the Systems Alliance, comes under attack by a group of Blood Pack mercenaries led by the krogan Archuk. In response, the Alliance dispatches several teams of Marines to aid the beleaguered colonists. During the landing attempt, only one Marine unit, Delta Squad, survives the crash landing of their shuttle. Lieutenant James Vega assumes command of Delta Squad after Captain Toni is incapacitated. With the aid of squadmates Kamille, Nicky, Milque, Essex, and Mason, Vega successfully kills Archuk and capture his second-in-command, Brood. In the aftermath, Admiral Steven Hackett orders Delta Squad to protect Fehl Prime from future attacks.

In 2185, Fehl Prime has recovered and the Alliance has bolstered the colony's defenses with a heavy anti-ship cannon and military-grade kinetic barriers. While installing the defenses, Delta Squad discovers an unknown alien device emitting a signal. Treeya presents her findings to Liara T'Soni, only for the communications to get jammed when Liara speculates the device being Reaper tech. As the group returns to the colony, they spot an invading Collector ship.

The Collector ship deploys Seeker Swarms to incapacitate Fehl Prime's colonists, including Captain Toni. Unable to prevent the colonists' capture, Delta Squad attempts to disable the Collector ship with the colony's anti-ship cannon, but fail when the cannon is destroyed. As Delta Squad retreats to the secure underground labs beneath the colony, Kamille is snatched away by drones and Essex is paralyzed by Seekers while defending the labs' door.

While underground, Delta Squad learns that Messner is actually a Cerberus agent who had been trying access the labs. Delta Squad also discovers a possible antidote for the Seeker Swarms' paralyzing agent, as well as Brood, who had been kept in a tank as a test subject in the labs. Without warning, the door to the labs is then torn open by a Praetorian with Kamille's body incorporated into it. Mason is killed while attempting to save Kamille, and Delta Squad is forced to retreat with Brood. Brood leads Delta Squad to his hidden ship to repay his debt to Vega. As the group lifts off aboard Brood's ship, the Praetorian emerges and gives chase, killing Nicky before perishing. Vega orders a frontal assault on the Collector ship and successfully board it. However, Messner kills Brood, leading to Delta Squad's capture.

Now in orbit, the Collector ship incinerates the remains of the colony to cover their tracks. Deep within the ship, Messner explains to Treeya that he was the one who planted the alien device in order to lure the Collectors and capture their technology for Cerberus's benefit. He takes Treeya with him to another part of the ship, leaving Vega, Essex, and Milque locked in pods. Unbeknownst to Messner or the Collectors,a drink Vega had given everyone earlier had been spiked with the Seeker Swarm antidote, and the three are able to escape and kill their guards. Vega and Essex pursue Messner and Treeya, while Milque secures transport for their escape.

Elsewhere, Messner shows Treeya a Prothean archive built into the Collector ship and has her access it. Treeya witnesses footage of the Protheans' last stand against the Reapers, their transformation into the Collectors, and the Collectors' construction of a human-shaped Reaper at their homeworld. Messner records this information on his bracelet, only to be double-crossed by the Collectors. When Messner tries to bargain with the Collectors, Treeya steals the bracelet before escaping in a containment pod.

Vega and Essex fight the Collectors, killing them and damaging the Collector ship's controls. Essex is impaled by the claw of the ship's pilot and uses his biotics to fling them both into a chasm, where they fall to their deaths. Messner fires on Vega, but Vega disarms and stabs him. Vega demands Messner's intel on the Collectors and learns of Treeya's possession of it. Left between the choice of evacuating the colonists on a now-pilotless ship or saving Treeya and the Collector intel, Vega chooses the latter. As Treeya's pod is retrieved, the Collector ship crashes into Fehl Prime's surface and explodes, killing Captain Toni and the colonists.

On the Citadel, Vega is commended by David Anderson and Admiral Hackett, who inform him that the intel he saved was not needed, and that Commander Shepard ended the Collector threat. Vega, Milque, and Treeya return to Fehl Prime in order to honor the fallen.

JBN Journalist, Erik Werlin interviews the team of amazing composers at SDCC.
Nick Soole, Joshua Mosley, Gordy Haab, Selina Wilken, Adam Lastiwka, Tree Adams and Gregory King.
From Left to Right


Video: Erik Werlin. Audio/Edit: James Vallesteros (@jamesvallesteros)
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